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Les belles réponses de Troy Von Balthazar, ancien de Chokebore, arrivé l’an dernier avec un album faussement calme de guitare, d‘amour et d’eau fraîche. Comme dans les paroles de ses chansons, il explore tous les paysages qu’il a dans la tête, et semble avoir fait de sa part d’ombre une ombre familière plutôt qu’une adversaire.

How do you describe yourself ? Which words don’t you like to read when people write about your music ?

i am a ghost. i travel through citys very light and noone notices me noone talks to me i go to the club and sing my music then i’m silent again. then i drink lots of beer

When and why did you start making music ? Where does your interest in music come from?

i started making music in my head when i was very young i was all alone with no friends in hawaii. i was the only white person around so they didnt really like me so i had lots of free time to write. my interest in music comes from my heart.

What’s your first musical memory ?

i remember falling down the stairs when i was 6 years old and i could hear my brain moving in my head. it sounded beautiful.

How come you have a non-American first name (Bruno, I read)? (any connections with the ancient Greek city?)

my real name is Troy Bruno Balthazar on my passport

How much fan mail do you receive ? How important is it for you?

it’s really important to talk directly to the people who hear my music. i hate to be separated from them i’m too alone already to be guarded from my friends. i get many email and i answer every one. sometimes it’s hard when im on tour but i really like to talk to my people.

How much do you care about the place where you live ? what’s your favourite place on earth?

i don’t have a place that i live. i gave up my flat 3 years ago and i’ve been on the road since then. i stay at different friends houses and also hotels all over the world. i’m used to it now…’s like camping. my favorite place on earth is my dreams when i sleep. there are beautiful beaches there.

What’s your best or worst concert memory ?

last night in paris i was free from my body in a song… that’s all i can ask for.

How different is touring alone from touring with Chokebore?

alone is better because i travel on trains and i don’t have to sit in a van. i miss the guys from chokebore but i don’t miss the distortion.

What’s your favourite record of all times, like a cornerstone in your life?

John Lennon plastic ono band

If you like literature, what are the most important words in your life, something that you heard once and swore never to forget? Do you sometimes write songs about characters you read about in books?

i can’t read or write, i’m not very smart.

What/who’s your favourite monster?

definitely Dracula because he hypnotizes women with his eyes.

What are you afraid of?

gay Dracula

What do you like doing in your spare time ?

i write music and i walk around a bit and eat cookies…..

Do you collect anything ? what do you collect ?

words, songs, and experience

What keeps you from being perfectly happy right now?

i have no idea, i wish i could be happy. if you know please tell me……maybe not enough sex in my life. i like sex!

Have you learnt anything today or recently?

music is the master

Imagine planet earth is about to disappear. You’ve been assigned 5 seats in a spaceship. Who do you invite?

2 monkeys and 2 fishys

If you had been born in the past, when would you like to live ?

i would like to have lived in hawaii before it was taken by the usa. must have been beautiful

Do you have a magic thought that makes you feel invincible when you have to do something scary or annoying?

i try to remember how many muscles i have on my chest and how i can crush all the humans and rule this world as a demi-god.

Do you have a silly play on words or a joke that you might want to share with us?


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